Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Technology Tools for 2018-2019

I am excited to share details on the 2018-2019 technology tools program which will be rolling out to schools this spring. Every other year, each school receives an allocation of “technology points” based on their enrollment. Schools are then able to spend their points to upgrade technology in their school.

This year’s model is simplified to better reflect current-day needs. With IT now covering maintenance costs, employee devices, and committing to reducing student equity challenges throughout the district by allocating funds to distance learning and the 1:Web program, school-based technology points can be specifically focused on student devices, labs, and classroom innovation needs. With the 2018-2019 technology tools update, schools will have more flexibility in how to spend their technology points.

At schools that are not in the 1:Web program, there will not be significant changes in the funding model. These schools will be able to spend their technology points on student devices, computer labs, and a new category called innovation tools.

The innovation category includes tools that are available at our newly-built schools, making sure this technology is open to everyone in the district. Some of these exciting items include: TV displays with casting capability, 3D Printers, Maker Kits, video production tools, and pen tablets.

Schools participating in the 1:Web program will also receive technology points, but without the need to buy as many student devices, they will be able to allocate more of those technology points to the innovation category.

If your school is on the cycle to update their technology tools this coming school year, the IT Ed Tech and Service Delivery teams will be coming by to talk with your principal this spring. We are excited to see how the use of these new innovative technologies will enhance the learning environment! 

One last thing - the technology point allocations at the schools will look larger this year, but the dollar amount will remain the same. We have moved away from 100 points being equal to the cost of a Windows device, to 100 points being equal to the cost of a Chromebook. This reflects the shift away from Windows devices to cloud-based Chromebooks. The increased point count should not be confused with more money being allocated.

Please chime in with any comments, thoughts, or suggestions. They are appreciated.



  1. This is so exciting, Andrew! I'm so happy to see the Innovation Tools category! Thanks to you and your team for your insight and support!

  2. The Video Production setup is *very* cool!

    Happy to see Chromebooks ascending over Windows.

  3. Yay! Thank you Andrew. I am very excited about bringing more innovative tools and technology to our school to support students' learning and creativity. However, I need some support with what should "definitely be available to students", "what would be nice for students" and "what would be the icing on the cake" for students as far as technology goes. I understand each school is different and has specific needs, but would love to have a better understanding of the "basic" equipment schools should have to ensure we are providing the appropriate foundational technology for learning these skills. Maybe it is already available??

    1. Hi Ina,
      This is a great question and approach to thinking about how you will use your tech tool budget. Know that during each school's tech tool meeting there will be an Ed Tech Specialist there to help talk through these types of questions to ensure that all student's needs are being considered during these decisions.


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