Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Preparing for Online Testing, Spring 2015

March is a big time of year for testing. IT has been preparing our network and devices for the increase in traffic. Below is information you can use to help create the most ideal environment for students taking online assessments.

Preparing your devices
Our field technicians have been visiting all schools to ensure that computers are ready for testing. If you have any concerns about specific devices, please don’t hesitate to submit an IT Service Request or call IT at x5065. 

Only BVSD devices can be used for testing. To verify that you have a BVSD device, look for the blue asset tag on the back.

Managing your bandwidth
We have plenty of bandwidth for testing as long as we are conscious of how we use it. To conserve the bandwidth in your building on testing days, limit streaming video and turn off the wireless on personal devices (phones, tablets, etc.)

We also have other measures in place to save bandwidth. The assessments are downloaded to the student devices from a server rather than directly from the Pearson site. Chromebooks are also prevented from receiving updates during the testing period. Both of these measures will reduce the strain on our internet pipe.

Using the wireless
Our new wireless infrastructure was designed to handle all the testing devices connecting to the network. Also, student Chromebooks have recently been moved from the BVSD-Guest or BVSD-Guest-Fast network to the BVSD (secure) network; not only does this strengthen the wireless connectivity, it also eliminates the “use of this network” pop-up that students used to see when they logged into Chromebooks. 

However, if you still notice any issues with wireless, please submit an IT Service Request immediately or call IT at x5065.

I hope that your assessments go smoothly in March. Please let me know if you have any concerns. As always, I appreciate your comments below. Don't forget to log in to post a comment.