Monday, February 22, 2016

BVSD Technology Tools Program

IMG_0069.JPGIt is no surprise that changes in technology are happening all around us. My team now supports over 27,000 digital devices which is up almost 300% from just 5 years ago. Chromebooks, which entered the market only a few years ago, are now a classroom technology standard. This is evident by the 12,500+ Chromebooks already deployed in our schools.

In addition, new repair costs for aging projectors and wall-mounted touchpads are now covered in our existing budget. As technology and cost models change, the IT and Ed Tech programs must also adapt to be relevant in the learning environment.

The BVSD Technology Tools Program is the evolution of the long-running “Tech Refresh” program which allocated roughly $1.4M to refresh technology for schools, students, teachers and support staff.

IMG_4960.JPGThe new Technology Tools Program breaks up the funding into three distinct sub programs - Schools, Employees, and Purchases.

School/Student Technology Tools: Allows schools to get new technology on a recurring basis.

Employee Technology Tools: Allows employees to have a digital device not older than 5 years.

Purchase Technology Tools:  Allows schools and departments to purchase supported technology using their own funds.

What has changed?
  • Schools will no longer be allocated points to be used to purchase standard equipment for staff members. Instead employees will be able to replace their digital device every 5 years with the latest preferred technology.
  • Principals can select alternative technology for teachers depending on instructional needs using school/student point allocations.
  • IT will warrantee employee devices for 5 years.
  • Projector, bulb, and touchpad repairs will be maintained by IT at no additional cost to schools.

What has not changed?
Mrs. Litchy's Classroom 10.14.15#19.JPGSchools are still divided into two groups: Odd-Year Schools and Even-Year Schools. Click here to view your school’s group. The only exceptions to this schedule are the 1:Web pilot schools, which are receiving new technology every year for incoming freshman.

For more information, check out the newly redesigned Technology Tools  website here.

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