Thursday, November 21, 2013

Progress Toward One Password

How many usernames and passwords do you have to remember? If you’re like me, you have dozens of online accounts (probably more), and each requires a unique username and password.

Until recently, you also had a different username and password for almost every application you used at BVSD. But now, due to some key changes, that situation is reversing: you are able to use the same information to sign in to multiple BVSD applications.

So what has changed to make this possible?

Password Manager

You should all be familiar with Password Manager by now. This tool changes your password in two places—BVSD’s database (called Active Directory) and Google—which means that you use the same password to sign in to your computer, email, calendar, docs, etc. But you may not know that you can use this same password to sign in to other key BVSD applications:
  • Avatar
  • Infinite Campus
  • Insignia (Library software)
  • Lawson
  • MediaCAST

Windows — Ctrl-Alt-Delete

We recently introduced the ability to change your password in both Google and Active Directory by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then following the change password option. You must be on a Windows PC for this option to work.

Google Authentication

Many online applications use Google authentication, which is a process that signs you in using your Google account instead of requiring you to create a new username and password. If you come across an app with the option to “Sign in with Google”, do it! We are working with our vendors to enable Google Authentication whenever possible.

App Launcher

The App Launcher appears at the top right corner of the browser when you are in your email or calendar. Any apps that you find in the App Launcher will automatically log you in when you click them. Click on “More” in the App Launcher to see apps like BrainPOP and VoiceThread.

With a move toward one password I’m hopeful your technology world will get easier to navigate.   

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