Wednesday, April 3, 2013

IT Service Request System Upgrade this Summer

Over the last few years, IT has implemented numerous changes to proactively serve our customers better.

You may recognize some of the more visible changes now in place:

  • Answering most calls that come into our service desk immediately
  • Grouping schools into zones with an accountable IT zone leader
  • Upgrading our software to the more reliable Windows 7
  • Reintroducing Apple products into the District
  • Supporting iPads, Droids, and Chromebooks
  • Allowing schools to supplement the Tech Refresh process with additional technology purchases
  • Increasing communications on outages, tips, and future directions

Over the summer we will make another transition by upgrading to a more robust IT Service Request system. The new system will be called Service Manager, a Microsoft product. It will replace HEAT, the system we currently use.

The IT Service Request icon on the desktop will remain the same, however, the interface will look different—watch for a sneak peak coming later this spring!

Service Manager will be fast and easy to use: it will automatically populate information about your computer and your location, and you will be able to enter a new ticket in 60 seconds or less.

I’m excited about this upcoming change. Besides being easier to use, Service Manager will give us more reliable data to help us locate and resolve pesky lingering issues that can be hard to track down. It will also have professional asset tracking capabilities, which will help us keep track of district devices.

When you come back in the fall, be ready for a new way to enter IT Service Requests. I think you’ll find it even easier than our current system.

Please chime in below after you log in above.   



  1. Thanks for all your help! I call and talk to real live people and they are always pleasant and helpful.

    FHS Library

    1. I so agree with Deb! BVSD's IT Support is tremendous. We are very fortunate to have such kind, timely support when needed.

      Arapahoe Campus Library

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  4. Will these changes reduce the amount of IT people actually in school buildings? If so, I think this is a terrible idea, because I would rather speak with someone in person if I need help with a technology issue than try and troubleshoot over the phone.

    The service tickets are amazing, but the great thing is the wonderful service that the IT techs do when they respond to the ticket and actually come to my classroom to fix things. I do not want that to change.

    Lisa Lowe
    Centaurus High School

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I appreciate your comments on the wonderful support levels our Tier 1's provide. Although the change to Service Manager will not impact how service is delivered, I periodically review the demand on our limited IT resources.

      The good news is that service requests are down, now averaging under 300 open at any give time. Last year we averaged approximately 600 open at any given time. This is a reflection of the Windows 7 implementation and that many underlying IT issues have been resolved.

      With that knowledge we are testing a "first call to resolution" model which will provide for more resources on the phones to solve issues immediately with no call back or site visit needed.

      I looked up the service requests you have initiated over the last 2 years. There are 5. 3 could be solved over the phone, 1 was for the IT Store leaving 1 for a projector issue that did require an onsite tech.

      In an environment where technology is expanding but IT resources are not, I continually look for ways to best utilized our IT resources.

      I'm committed to high customer satisfaction and will continue listen to input and to adjust our model to best serve the needs of most.

      Thank you again for your thoughts.



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